The New Pantone Color of the Year for 2013 – EMERALD GREEN!

The official name and number:  Pantone 17-5641 –   Emerald is no longer green with envy: The rich, vibrant shade is Pantone LLC’s Color of the Year for 2013, beating out all the other shades of the rainbow.  The company, which creates and matches colors for the fashion, home and beauty industries, among others, picks its top hue based on both how it’s already being used and a prediction of sustained popularity. Green’s time had come, says Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of Pantone’s research arm known as the Pantone Color Institute.

“The entire green family has been so strong, upcoming through the ’90s as we’re paying attention to nature, so the family isn’t new, but what we needed to look at and revisit was the psychological background: Emerald is such a balanced color, and balance is something to pick up on and listen to,” she explains.  Eiseman adds, “It’s a color of growth, renewal, healing, unity and regeneration — words we’re all so in need of at this point of history.”



 From Nicki Minaj and Alison Williams wearing Oscar De La Renta right off of the runway in 2012 to Elie Saab’s bridesmaid dress designs, fashion is already into full swing with this color.

From Cartier to Arthur King to Croghan’s Jewel Box in Charleston, emeralds have always been a favorite of jewelry designers, Kings, Queen and Maharajahs alike.  Magazines abound with their photos.  Just open T&C!


Certainly Table Top this year will be one area.  We are looking forward to shopping at “Market”  this January to pick up glassware, chargers, & floral containers for our clients. Bohemian Glass, Blenko, Venetian should abound.

Culinarily, a “Salad Verde” has always been a dream of ours, complete with pickled fiddle heads. We also love chilled green soups, where they be English Pea and Mint or Asparagus…and yes, Emerald Green Cocktails can be quite tasty and beautiful (No green beer for JMC, please! )

Alas, emerald green linens will be chic.  Beware the use of them in the evening as the lighting must be perfect.  If not, this dark of a green, especially without a sheen, will “die” and fade away.   See photos under the “Corporate Events” category of our photos for an event at the Guggenheim, where we used Emerald Green Dupioni; wonderful!   An emerald green hemstitched napkin could be quite chic.

And finally, a nod to the famed Southern Magnolia leaf.  Sister Parish, one of America’s most noted decorators,  loved a  shiny Magnolia Green Room, making it quite a hot fade in the 1940’s and 50’s.  That wonderful shiny green continued with decorators like Billy Baldwin and Dorothy Draper.

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