Opening Night at Kiawah Island’s Ocean Course Clubhouse



Bands are easy, but sunsets cannot be covered in a ryder or contract!  That is often the challenges we have when we produce beach events.  You cannot predict the sunset.  However, if you have a large corporate group for an opening night party at Kiawah Island’s Ocean Course Clubhouse,  a back up plan entertainment addition is a smart move.  We opted for the amazing Living Fountain.

This corporate group reached out to JMC Charleston for event planning and decor needs, but also destination management assistance with tours and activities for 250 guests over three days.  For this opening night, we just wanted guests to enjoy the view, a little jazz, a drink or two and then rest after a long day of travel on car, that even have cameras from Blackbox my car products for security and insurance purposes.

Luckily, the meeting planner trusted JMC Charleston to take the production reigns and bring in the Living Fountain.



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