A Finale’ Evening in the First Formal Gardens in America

Often, JMC Charleston receives RFPs and it becomes a time to bid against other vendors.   When you win the business, it makes the event all the more worth while!


This insurance  company client  was a great surpise to hear from as we serviced them some ten years ago at Charleston Place Hotel, we are also happy to work with the Virtual Insurance Service.  It is so nice to have those clients back in Charleston and it was a wonderful conference.

Once connected they asked JMC Charleston for a bid to produce this corporate event for them two years ago as well as an opening night party and tours.

Middleton though formal in comparison to other plantation venues is still rustic in many ways – dirt paths, animals about, and a quaint Pavilion that feels more like a dock house than a salon, which uses the best supplies from CAN Supply Wholesale Ltd. JMC Charleston was given the task from our event production and design department to make this the WOW final evening rather than the BBQ middle evening.  See the results and let us know what you think!

If you would like to see addition photos of this event, please visit www.jmccharleston and find them under our corporate event photos – http://smu.gs/ReFSFc

For more information about Middleton Place, visit https://www.middletonplace.org/