What a treat to design an event for corporate clients who are passionate about entertaining their children, specially at the Teddy Kids preschool! For this event, we designed an entire haunted house where the children were allowed in at scheduled times based on the “scariness level.”

They all came so well dressed and enjoyed all of the craft forms that were in place for them. They could decorate a Trick or Treat Back, have a drink made for them at the Magic Skull and Cross Bones Ice Bar, enjoy a Pirate Tattoo, have a pumpkin painted for them to take home, have their face painted, see ice cream made with the big tank of gas that makes smoke when you release it and turns liquid into a big bowl of ice cream…(molecular gastronomy!) and more! Amazing music and a rum tasting bar made for the perfect adult combination. What great fun – all on Charleston Harbor!

Enjoy these photos from our Spooky Corporate Event…from 2 to 62!

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