New Years Eve In Your Home

Invitations and Décor – Have fun with a color them!

It might be silver.  It could be gold.  I love royal purple!  When you are selecting your invitation, coordinate those colors with your décor.  Visit your local rental company for some outrageous linens that you would traditionally never use and add them to your dining room table, the bar, and maybe get wild and add a couple of tall cocktail rounds in your home or on your lawn.

Party Timing – Get Out of My House! 

Think you would love to have a party but don’t want to bring in the NY with friends?  Evaluate your guest list and think about entertaining people who feel the same way – who don’t want to be out driving late.  Have a wonderful 6 pm to 9 pm cocktail party and say that clearly on the invitation.  This can be casual or dressy.  This gives people going to a party that lasts until midnight somewhere to go ahead of time as well!  By including an ending time, guests will get your message loud and clear.  If you want to have a couple or two stay over, then make the arrangements. It would be great to have them help you clean up and then bring in the New Year in your pajamas with some wonderful champagne even better friends.


Bar…such an important detail!

Place your bar as far away from the food and the front door as possible.  If you have a porch, loggia or porte cochere, consider enclosing it with an inexpensive white duck fabric to create an extra room.  If you are in a cold climate, use tent sites from your local rental company and then cover it with duck – instant magic!  Just remember to have a small floor heater for your bartender!

Make sure you have your bartender booked well in advance.  He will be your very best friend for the evening. If the bar goes awry, the party dies!

Create a Photo Memory

If you want to add a little spice to your event, consider ordering your own STEP AND REPEAT as are used in Hollywood.  It can show your logo with the hosts’ name, the event, year and city perhaps.  Place this in a place where people can use their own phones to have photos made to create a memory

Mitchell and Randall’s New Year’s Eve Soirée 2  0  1  3 Charleston

Dropping the Ball

Don’t forget to visit your local party shop for favors!  Remember shipping is tough during the holiday season, so shop early and have this detail out of the way ahead of time.  Hats, tiaras, poppers, noise makers – such a tradition and so much fun.  Place them in fun baskets lined with your color themed tissue paper and place somewhere fun as décor or hide and bring out at 11:40 pm.

Make sure you have all of your Televisions ready!

Have all TVs on the same channel and volumes on a level that makes sense. I always find people smooching in the bedrooms when the ball drops!  What fun. This gives everyone the opportunity for that special “moment”, whether in the living room or tucked away in the guest bedroom.

It’s NYE – Splurge! Create a food memory to share with your guests

Each year, we offer something very exciting for our guests to try at around 10:30 am.  It may be Beluga on a Blini with Crème Fraiche and Lemon made for you and handed out in the kitchen at a little station.  One year we did three-year-old Reggiano Parmesana that a foodie friend brought us back from Parma, Italy (look to taste the crystals in each bite) topped with 100 yr old Balsamic.  You could also just do something that is a family tradition –  Yiayia’s famed Baklava or a little mid evening bowl or Nana Maria’s five-day red sauce over a little penne.  What a nice treat on a special occasion!

Whip out the Breakfast!

No one wants a DUI and keeping your guests around for a little while to sober them up is not a bad thing. We love making Strata (egg and sausage casserole) a day ahead and throwing them in the over at 1130pm to cook through.  They will be firm and can be placed on small plates with forks to pass out once the kissing and celebrating is done. No need for fruit, grits, hash browns.  Make this a one dish wonder and be done with it.  Sausage Biscuits can also be made and placed in warm bags to hand out.  We also offer Starbucks Fraccupino’s to get a little caffeine into our guests as well.