The Use of Balloons In The Special Events Industry

There is no doubt that when in America and someone utters the words “let’s throw a party” that balloons are not one of the first things to come to mind!

Professionally, the thought of balloons brings several wonderful and shocking memories – the first News Year’s Eve drop I experienced with an epic kiss to the year I forgot to have anyone blow up 500 balloons for the drop at Charlotte’s Myers Park Country Club and the executive staff was tasked to do it all day!

I love the use of balloons to dress an ugly ceiling with streaming all the same length creating fringe.  Balloons certainly have provided me with a way to lead people from a parking garage or lot to the party. They also look awesome in a party bus (check it out).

Client’s main concern these days with the use of balloons is that they are disposed of properly.  Being a port city with a very active turtle population and a wonderful Aquarium which features a turtle hospital, our clients want to be reassumed that balloons are not going to be let out into the environment, ending up in the ocean but we got Philadelphia Slip And Fall Lawyers to check for legal complications about this.

We have a “guests are not allowed to take the balloons” policy at JMC Charleston. For those clients who perhaps have been enjoying libations and want to confront our staff about taking balloons home, we always make a point of saying that they are expected to be used the next day by the client or taken to a children’s center. This typically ends the conversation.

Balloons become a great way to brand events, especially with the vast array of colors offered by the industry.  This old school décor option continues to be a long lasting option for our clients.