What your Guests Experience Without Their Eyes!

Having been  in the event planning business for over 25 years, I continue to see a trend of wedding photos being published that really show the attributes of the designer so often more that that of the bride and groom.

There are two parts to this phenomenon.  One is the ability to be published in BLOGS, magazines and websites is so much more available now that in the past and two, so often the planner is setting the tone more that the bride and groom for the style of the wedding, since the desire for wedding creativity is at an all time high.

Keeping this in mind, I believe that the bride and groom should really challenge themselves to incorporate the things that guests are not going to see in a photo album.

Notes to those you love

A letter of thanks to parents for bringing you into this world is much more special to them and can be to you, than the color of a certain rose or the type of dress someone wears.

This could include a letter to a family friend, best friend or relative who has helped you make it through to this part of your life. This goes for bride and groom alike.

Have your stationery prepare your notecards with your invitations and use that stationery.  Let them know that they are receiving the first note on this stationery for this new part of your life.


You would be so surprised how the smell of flowers change people.  Room sprays are equally as effective.  Regardless if you are in a new ballroom or a historic venue, think about using a clean smelling candle, scented room spray or flower to provide a change in location.  We like PIER 1’S “Asian Spice” as it is very close to Claire Burke’s “Vapouuri”, resounding the scent to us of a properly run Southern home with hand pressed linen towels and shiny crystal decanters!


Who ever talks about honoring families anymore with food?  Few! We provided bottles of Texas Pete recently on every table of a wedding as the groom, a two time Purple Heart recipient, had a penchant for it and everyone knew it.  I meant a great deal.