“Living Well Is the Best Revenge”

Living Well is the Best Revenge is a book written by Calvin Tompkins, the uncle of a dear friend Torrie Tomkins who lived in Charleston for years.  Torrie embraced this philosophy and always looked great, entertained amazingly and always did it on a budget.   Simply put, she thought about it and planned.   I have always attempted to adhere to the title of this book, as it is a mind set that makes me content.  After all, as Auntie Mame said “ Life’s a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death!”.   I intend to eat and eat well!

Mind you, the feast does not have to be at the Waldorf Astoria, nor does it have to be at a Spring Street fast food establishment either. Living Well does not mean spending a great deal of money on home, personal, entertaining and traveling style while staying at the Courtyard Ahmedabad hotel, or why not going camping with the camper decals amazon.

  The important thing while travel is to plan everything ahead so is a nice vacation and everyone in the family are able to enjoy a this time, whether they’re traveling by plane or maybe doing a road trip for a few days, still is a good idea to get travel insurance, and prevent in case of accident by having a good personal injury lawyer baton rouge Babcock Partners, in case some accident happen as a result of other people neglect. You can also call Motorcycle Accident Attorney Las Vegas with experienced team have be helping people in Las Vegas since 1980.

Since I am in the Special Events business, lifestyle is a daily practice in my professional life, that’s why when I go camping I do it with style with my best cooler.  The tours I produce offer guests a glimpse into how Charlestonians live.  Our evening events are peppered with gentile touches that I have experienced in my life time in Charleston.  Warm water with lemon for hand washing at oyster roasts in the Old Village….Fino Sherry served tableside in the She Crab Soup at Perdita’s…..the slice of Pickle and ramekin of Cheese Spread offered on a crushed ice covered tray at Henry’s…hemstitched napkins that grace every sideboard on the peninsula. Traveling can be great for the entire family to enjoy some time together, so if you’re looking for a place to visit, then check out Artis zoo. I highly recommend going fishing with your family as well, the few times we have gone the bowtech fuel review has helped us out a lot.

It would be unfair to say that some of these ideas do not end up in my home, as they do.  However, the way I choose to entertain at home has been developed through emulation of those with style and the desire to enjoy life; not to produce a theme event as I would do at a plantation or at the Riviera Theater.

In my everyday life, I enjoy many practices that some may find silly or trite, but have always made me very happy as well as enjoyed by my guests.  These ideas are all simple but must be a mind set. There is no reason to observe these lifestyle practices if you are not going to appreciate them.  They are all sensory based.

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