As an event production company with decades of experience throughout the state and deep roots in Charleston, we’re primed to create and execute your next event, providing our clients the vision of what events look like tomorrow and beyond.

JMC was founded based on relationships, both with clients and equally with our event partners. They meet our standards – we know what our clients expect. We create the vision and they always exceed our expectations.

We are fortunate to collaborate and create with these vendor partners who are rethinking how we can all come together to celebrate life’s many events. Our “cartel,” as we like to call them, have all been diligently implementing the best safe practices and protocols essential in their businesses and at events. We have taken the next steps with them, weaving the new necessary practices with as much creativity, innovation and branding as possible.

Here are some of the creative ways our partners are preparing for events:

Creative Catering Innovations

  • Serve individually portioned hors d’oeuvres
  • Set up dividers on the bar and stations
  • All staff preparing and serving will wear masks, with created options to brand
  • Delegation of staff on specific duties prior to events, minimizing multiple contact points
  • Creative and well-designed sneeze guards and protective shields on food stations

Elevate Virtual Elements

  • Planning meetings offered over Zoom or phone
  • Enhance offerings on websites and social media; Offer online digital ordering
  • Implement virtual meetings with screen share and live video options at events

Reshaping Ride Services

  • Parking attendants to wear branded masks, with creative signage options
  • Mix It Up – Offer creative options for transfers throughout your conference
  • Reward your guests using luxury and customized coaches
  • Safety is always first. All vehicles will be disinfected both inside and outside. Chauffeurs will wear gloves when opening doors
  • Check out this video by our friends at Mt Pleasant Shuttle

We’re here for you when you are ready. Between family fun days, groundbreakings, grand openings and holiday parties, events will continue. And yes, it’s okay to allow ourselves a little fun.

Let us take the fear out of the planning process. And remember, we are in Charleston! This city has withstood 350 years of events and have always responded with grace, style, and a sense of civility. It’s what we do!