So Proud, and Thankful, to be an American

On the eve of one of the most heated presidential elections in recent history, we have spent some time reflecting on the amazing weekend we had with the living recipients of the Medal of Honor, back in 2010.  Two years ago, we had these men of Valor for three nights in Charleston after working with a statewide committee for 22 months on this project.

Two words describe this series of events – Life Changing.

When groups like this come to JMC Charleston and interview us for their assistance for destination management services and event production and design, it can be a very long relationship.  This one was one of the longest, but most profitable. Profitable in teaching our team, our vendors, hotel staff, service staff and all of those who were were touched by this weekend a deeper sense of patriotism.

We all learned that Freedom is not Free.  We met men who all were willing to die for our country and almost did. We learned about giving from the heart and the soul and letting go the emotions of what makes this great country as great as it is.  As Americans, we start very young being told what a great country we live in. We sing our anthems and we pledge allegiance.

Enjoy some photos from the final evening gala of the Medal of Honor Convention – appropriately named “Beyond Valor.”


For more photos from this event, please visit the gallery for the Medal of Honor at

For more information about the Medal of Honor, please visit

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