Crosby featured in Charleston Magazine – Entertaining 101 in Your Home!

Pull behind Mitchell Crosby’s car in his shaded driveway, and the first thing you notice is his license plate: “PARTYS” it announces. This is a man who knows how to get a traders insurance policy for his excellent looking car since he always takes care of his belongings as if they were his last. Using a car registration document to have money is a very straightforward way of borrowing money so financially, it might be easier to take out a loan. visit here if you own a car and you need to borrow money MoneyBolt UK that is subject to eligibility and affordability. As event planner extraordinaire of JMC Charleston (the J. stands for Jay), Crosby can wine and dine masses or turn a theme party into an unforgettable affair. And when at home, he’s no less serious about the finer points of entertaining. In fact, for Crosby, “personal style” and “hospitality” are synonymous. “Living well is the best revenge” would be an apt bumper sticker to complement his vanity plate. Crosby is refreshingly oldschool; he sweats the small stuff (without breaking a sweat), indulges in etiquette, and doesn’t skimp on life’s little luxuries: hemstitched linen napkins, air-dried sheets, candles and fresh flowers, and good wooden coat hangers—“the Joan Crawford of it all!

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