• The Chase of Charleston

    This team building activity won a “Programming Award of Excellence” from The Resort and Commercial Recreation Association. For up to two hours, guests more through the historic district of Charleston on foot – the best way to learn about our city. Hunting for information and not ashtrays, teams are equipped with the necessary supplies to achieve their goal and a question list including a phone number to the “Chase Hotline!” Once completed, scores are tallied and guests can either have an afternoon beverage and await the outcome, or it can announced at the evening dinner – the choice is yours.
  • Sailing Regatta

    Charleston has one of the best harbors on the east coast for sailing. Groups of six depart with captain from the Charleston Harbor Marina Dock and race for the Cup! So many amazing add-ons are available, from adding a world class sailor to come and speak at the end of the journey to having champagne sabered to celebrate the finish! Custom shirt, bags and pennants are available. Where else can you sail past an aircraft carrier, under a free span bridge and past the location where the American Civil War started? Nowhere but Charleston and our Harbor is yours for the taking.
  • Ropes Course Fun Day

    Charleston County has a fantastic county park system and we love working with the team building certified staff at the parks to create the perfect team building event for your group. Guests will arrive at the Charleston County Park for their team building day and will be greeted by guides that will get the group warmed up with some ice breaker activities! Once everyone is warmed up they will enjoy some fun team building activities!
    The Challenge Course is truly a unique group experience. There is no boardroom, classroom or conference room that so aptly and intensely energizes groups to explore the depths of their capabilities. Each Challenge Course program is tailored to the specific group goals. Each activity, initiative, and element has intrinsic skill areas; it may focus on goal setting, leadership, problem solving, consensus, perspective, trust, confidence, and effective communication with the clients, with the use of a Voice of the customer design tools perfect for companies. We will design and facilitate a program that is flexible, dynamic, and fun!




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