text-caps-Whether you need to transform a ballroom with an original, branded, or indigenous event theme or transport guests to a historic era, beach, or private venue, JMC Charleston takes your event from ‘concept to completion.’ Our long-standing relationships with local and national suppliers provides us with the leverage to ensure that our clients receive the very best products and services.

Your event is not ours to photograph for our portfolio.  Your event has a singular purpose and we are there to ensure that you reach your goal.   We start with research obtained from you, the client. Any event planner can inquire about date, time, number of guests…


“JMC Charleston takes your event from ‘concept to completion.’”



What is the purpose of the event, budget, and musical and food preferences?

JMC Charleston caters much more deeply into your needs:

  • What do you want to achieve with this event?
  • What is the message that you want to communicate to your guests?
  • Does there need to be any follow-through with your guests after the event?
  • Do your guests need to leave with a gift or information to reinforce the event’s purpose?
  • Is there an expectation of your guests for this event?
  • Will your guests bring any special expectations to your event?
  • If this is a recurring event, what were its most and least successful elements in the past?


By probing into your purpose, needs and objectives – by doing our homework and research – JMC Charleston takes your event to the next level of success. We hope you will ask us to return and produce your event the next year – wherever that may be!


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