Randall Felkel

Owner of RSVP Shoppe

Randall Felkel

When you speak of the written word in Charleston, you are speaking on a biblical level, as the hand written note and proper paper are king.

Randall Felkel is the owner of the RSVP Shoppe, a sister business of JMC Charleston. Located on the venerable south side of Broad Street in the historic district, Felkel is passionate about paper, etiquette and entertaining.

Growing up in an old Southern Family ( of French Huguenot decent, they arrived in the lowcounty in the mid 1690’s) Felkel was enveloped in tradition. Beautifully set tables, thank you notes, calling cards, summer camp, cotillions and debutante balls were all the norm. Hence, the purchase of this business almost ten years ago and its’ relocation and expansion has been a great success.

JMC Charleston clients can purchase and have printed custom menu cards, place cards, table numbers, and last minute gifts for guests, speakers and honorees. On a city tour, guests may just need to stop in for some quick shopping and champagne.

“The Pen is Mightier than the Sword” has always been the slogan motto of the shop. As one of the top CRANE dealers in America, it certainly holds true that if you are going to right a note, it needs to be on the finest of paper, with a wonderful pen, with a very nice candle burning, sitting a table with a nice pillow and throw on the chair. Of course, they are all available at The RSVP Shoppe!