FORBES LIFE Magazine – “Past Perfect – Charleston’s Glory Days ARE NOW!

Forbes Life Magazine’s Senior Editor, Richard Nalley came to Charleston to do an article about the city, and met Mitchell Crosby of JMC Charleston who set him up with the right people to give him the scoop on Charleston as it is today, and a little bit more!

Nalley’s article, Past Perfect, Charleston’s Glory Days are Now! takes the reader on a tour of people to see and places not to miss when they visit the Holy City—from a trip across the new Ravenel Bridge to the Historic Charleston Peninsula to backstreets, allees, Plantations and clubs. Nalley says, ‘people will never love the city as much as Charlestonians themselves do, but it is a knockout.’

Nalley described Mitchell Crosby as the ‘go-to party and event planner, and general fixer’ and he relied on Crosby to gather his best friends, and cohorts like writer Nathalie Dupree, Charleston Place Hotel’s Mickey Bakst, Chef Mike Lata of FIG and many others to talk with Nalley and give him a sketch of ‘their” Charleston. Each person told him stories that made up the warp and woof of what would become his article.

“Charleston has history, architecture, and preservation, but it’s the people that make the city,” said Nalley. By spending time with Mitchell’s diverse contacts he gained a true appreciation of the city where the Ashley and Cooper meet to form the Atlantic.

“We try to give visitors a feel of the real city,” says Crosby. “As a Destination Management company dealing with people from all over the country, we want to make sure that guests understand the traditions, values, and way of life that makes Charleston so special. And, like Richard Nalley, after people visit, they always want to return.”


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